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have you ever felt sad when someone left you for another girl

maria angela carascal

what a tiring day..but it's okay coz god always love and bless me..:)


fake ppl thats dha sh*t i dont like bang bang

tyeera gardner

You Can Hate Meh
You Can Dislike Meh
You Can Call Meh What You Want
You Can Look At Meh How You Wanna
But I Beat That You Want Come To Mih Face And Say What You Gotta Say Cause Thats How Scary And Stupid You Are.But Im Not Finna Entertain Foolishness Cause At The End Of The Day Im Betta Than You

mimi christina martinez

thinkin ov him :)................. silent screams

Ty'chell Denisha Chalk :)

me and hez forever !
o4/02/14 . <3

alli simpson

bday was tusday im 14........YES

lakima disenty gilliam gurley

omg wat do he look like he fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barabara BEAUVAIS

Don't mess with someone else's relationship just because you can't get one. smiling at all ma haters
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