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Nikki Te Quiero

Idk what to do any more Im dieing inside... Family is in pain. Friends hurt me.. My mom is letting me down, my dad is going some wheres... :c

Its time i quit... Bye loves you all c:
Sorry to all my friends...


i hate every fucken person who made my hero and my only love feel like shit and also those ppl who led them into suiciding themself

MY HERO:ERIC HARRIS april 9 1981 -April 20, 1999

MY ONLY LOVE:DYLAN KLEBOLD September 11 1981-April 20, 1999


Having a TBFF makes every thing better
(TBFF)stands for true best friend forever

myzz chica hottness

games i play
boys i date
stupid ones i don"t tolerate


Why do ppl still cal me Lizebeth???????


Hey guys!!!!

Just got a facebook too check it out!!
Should i get a twittter?? <3


#topsecret i gotta crush on obeyjayy shhhhh

lil joc

Wow new year tryin to make change :-)


Top my face is sort of getting boring need to up grade lol

Dee d

:) anyway if these haters do have a problem they can say it to my face not behind my back :)
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