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cassidy amundson

im just a girl to drive a man crazy... cold as fire baby hot as ice if u ever been to heaven this is 2 as nice break it down.. hala if u hear me watch ur fingers boy cause im cold as fire and hot as ice if u ever been to heaven this is 2 as nice lol love that song as u see im cold as fire

Teri Barfield

Well don't go with the love of my life anymore :( But its straight I think I broke up with him for a good cause :) I just dis like cheaters and I didn't want to get hurt anymore than what I already was. Just know I still love you and I always will through thick and thin and we can always still be friends and be there for each other through everything. So im officially done wasting tears over him!!


oooh my gurl shelby drivin me ta mceedees. cuz im too fat ta drive. hmu summa nd jinjins in rollin in da back seet bra.


Happy valentines day!!! Hope everyone has an awesome day! =)
Mood: Happy =)


If People Are Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with each other, they will find a way....


sittin in class so ready togo home


Hey what up... Chilaxin at home on the laptop... Hmu

Cheyanne Brothers

Listening to my fav non country radio station!!!