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Thread: why little girls want to have sex

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    i had sex befor and it flly feels good

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    lol but true
    Quote Originally Posted by Elvin Baroi View Post
    everyone wants to have fun..

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    * Wow , Shamee O.o

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    ok if ur married nd ur not n high skool yea go rite ahead hav all da sex u want but u havin sex while u n high skool nd u end up gettin pregnant or a sexual diseaes dats ur fuckin problem it may feel good but wen ur n da hospital diein or ur throwin up n da morin cuz ur pregnant it was only bcuz ove ur own damn foult so here's my advice wait cuz its ppl my age 11 who arent virgins no more nd have sumthin or an human goin n dere body
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    because it feels good and yes i had sex before and peer pressure and if they don't want to do it just suck DICK duh.

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    I feel like personal thing is they want attention look at me nicki minaj do you think i want attention or some one to love gurls hurt their selves trying to be something there not

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    some young girls need to stop it bad girl join my group n i will help you

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    becuz it feels good and its soothing

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    lol yall is weirdos 4 tellin them all da bussiness the gotta no ish

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    bhecause they think havin sex at the young age going to make them sumthing

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