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Thread: You ever have someone way too old for you hit on you?

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    You ever have someone way too old for you hit on you?

    And I don't mean in a creepy way, just in an awkward way.

    Like, the other day I went to the local pawn shop to make a payment on something and when I walked in there was this guy talking with the cashier and whatnot and as I left I heard the cashier ask where the guy was going and he's all like "I'm following her." and I turned around and the guy was asking if I was single and for my name, age, and phone number. I didn't really feel uncomfortable about it, more like a "You've got to be kidding, is this man serious?" kind of mode. Of course, he didn't get any of the information other than the fact I was 15 because I thought maybe telling him that would make him reconsider trying to hook up with me, since I think he was probably 30-40 years old.

    And my friend, who is 18, has told me about experiences he's had at the local pool where a woman in her 30s gets a little flirty with him, but not in a way that he senses any danger...it's just harmless.

    So has anyone else had experiences like this?

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    the dude at subway was hitting on m and 2 of my friends

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    i had a 36 hit on me st a bikini contest and i was 15 and iwa s like but a marine and i will talk to him after he gave me 1 i was like im 15 but he was like your joking and i told himto fuck and he did

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    buy me a martiney

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