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Thread: Long Love Story, Need Advice

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    Post Long Love Story, Need Advice

    Hey guys, so this is a pretty long story, but I am in desperate need of advice. There will be myself, and 2 girls involved in this story, and I will abbreviate their names with B and E. About a year ago, in my senior year of high school, I met girl B for the first time at a homecoming dance. Me and her danced for hours and had a great time. As more time passed I would see girl B around school and I would always get stares and looks from her. However, even though we danced at the homecoming, we've only ever introduced each other to who we are and have had no further talking.

    Me and B continued to dance together at future school dances but that is like the only time me and her ever had any communication. The dancing was kind of like a hook up style type thing, I'd see her and she would see me and then we would be dancing. I really started getting feelings for this girl, but I was always to frightened to go up to her during school and I'm not sure why.

    A few months later my school had a talent show. This is where I met girl E for the first time. Now here's the interesting part. Girl B and Girl E were best friends at the time. A few months past and somehow I started dating girl E. It was a pretty good relationship at first, but I always noticed girl B looking at me after me and girl E started dating, like she was jealous. Anyway, the fact that B and E were best friends made it extremely awkward.

    A few months later me and Girl E had a breakup. Long story short I want to find a way to get with girl B, the first girl I talked about. I am now out of high school and girl B is a senior. Both of those girls now hate each other and I'm not sure why but I believe it has something to do with me. Also, I have been blocked by girl B on topmyface, and I think it's because girl E told girl B to block me cause girl E knew that I would start hitting on her, Anyway I'm not sure how I should begin to talk to girl B, Could I please have some advice? I do have girl B's number but Idk if would be creepy to just text her out of nowhere. It's been like 5 months since I've been blocked by her on topmyface. Thanks for the advice guys I really need it!

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    um...i'm not pretty good at these kinda stuff but....what i always say is that truth is the best solution.just tell the girl B how you felt and still feel about her.tell her the story the way you told us in here.i'm sure she'll be a little confused and surprised if you text her but if she's as nice as you give her credit for she'll understand.
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