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Thread: Am I??

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    Unhappy Am I??

    I feel like I'm cheating on my dead best friend,(loved him so much and he did too!!) with somone else....is it possible for that to happen??I feel so confused!!

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    i dont think so i aint sure probably not he wouldent want u to be sad and would probably want u to move on ik thats hoow i am :/

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    thanks Tarran..... still feels weird though

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    no one can be alone everytime.i'm sure he ll be happy if u find someone

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    i agree with tyren.you should move on alice.have fun because if he really was your best friend he'd want you to happy

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    you hav to move on
    he'll be happy if u are happy

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    i agree widf tyrann'

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    yeah gurl, they're all right... everybody deserves to be happy right??? If he really loves you, he will be happy seeing you happy with someone... I'm pretty sure he'll understand.. so don't feel that way. =)

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    Yes I Agree to Trina

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