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Thread: my first kiss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley View Post
    my first kiss was in kindergarten with my best friend... it counted bc there was tongue lol
    The same situation, kindergarten and my best friend (female, lol)

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    my first kiss was wen i was 9 yrs old it was my older cuzins party i was partyn n my bf came ovr we were dancin den we kissed my chess was poundin out ove my chest i couldnt barely breath now dats luv rite dere
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    My first kiss well wont kiss weel it was when we did it he kissed me i gave up the goodies and it was tongue

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    my first kiss was at school under the balcony...itz weriod though cause me and the dude was mad at each other at the time lol

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    Oh I havent hav one?

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    i was 6 when i had my frist kiss but know one knows that

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    Ummm I was in 9th grade and I will always remember it He was a good kisser but not my best lol but i kissed him for a good 5mins
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    my first kiss was when i was 11 i was about to malt

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    Wink my first kiss went a little like this(;

    mine was in my basement french kiss with my neighbor who i had recently become friends with. ya my parents dont really think that im that scandy...they trust me too much. shhhh heheheh ^-^

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    i've never had my first kiss yet

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