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Thread: The Great Fa La La Quest (Justin Bieber)

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    The Great Fa La La Quest (Justin Bieber)

    You all know how much do i "love" Justin Bieber lol

    I have decided to challenge myself mentally for one week. This challenge started at 5 PM by my local time.

    The challenge entitled: "Fa La La" by Justin Bieber feat Boys ll Men

    I will watch that video and listen to that song all day, every day. The stipulations are as follow:

    1. If I am sitting at my house I am to play the song continuously non-stop
    2. If I am outside walking somewhere (at school, etc), I will play only that song on my iPod
    3. I am exempt of the challenge if I am at the football game or in the swimming poll. This is the only reason I will not listen to the song.
    4. If I am on the phone and it is important, the song may be turned down to a low volume, but still audible.
    5. The song will play on repeat when I go to sleep at a low volume
    6. I am entitled to one half hour of silent time. Any more than that, I have to make up at the end of the quest. IE: If I have an hour of silent time, 30 minutes will be added to the challenge. If I have a day of silent time, a day will be added to the end of the challenge.
    7. From the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM, the song will play on a low volume, as my dad would kill me if it was playing non stop while he is home.
    8. On the final day of the challenge, when at home, I will listen to the song play in two separate windows at the same time, playing simultaneously.

    This thread will be used to monitor progress. May God help us all.

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    Junior Member horseartist's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    haha good luck..cuz of course i know how much u do truly love justin bieber..lol..have fun with tht

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    Hahaha! ik u love justin bieber alot lol. anyways have a goodtime with that song 24/7 lol. luv ya jeka!! (:

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    ewwwww justin beaver

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    I hate jb!

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    hes hottt!!

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    I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER n btw gud luck wit tht

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